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About 240 high school students get a glimpse of a promising career option

October 15, 2015 | Bysmartmovefm| News


More than 240 students recently got a firsthand look at what a career in manufacturing could look like.

$50,000 annual salary anyone?

Organized by the GFMEDC, students toured four of six companies that opened up their manufacturing floors for the one-day visitors.

For one Moorhead student, it was an opportunity to see an additional career option. The student enjoyed seeing the process at Caterpillar Reman.

“I just get a kick out of watching how this big equipment goes together.”

The tours were organized by the GFMEDC as part of a larger strategy to educate and inform students about the opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Students got a firsthand look at the careers and learned about the potential wages in manufacturing.

Companies that took part in the tours were: John Deere Electronic Solutions, Caterpillar Reman, Trail King Industries, Integrity Windows Aldevron and Appareo

Participating schools were West Fargo Public, Fargo Public, Oak Grove and Moorhead Area Public.