Together, We Can Make Smart Growth Happen

What’s an Investor?

Any business that invests at least $1,000 per year to the GFMEDC is a qualified member (investor).

We’re building a Fargo Moorhead business community that is more of a force in specific industries and in state, regional, national and international economies. But we can’t – and don’t – do it alone. It requires a coordinated, community-wide effort with many partners involved, including your company or organization.

By committing to an investment in the GFMEDC and our community, you help facilitate the Cycle of Success. Your company or organization also will enjoy specific benefits of investment.

Invest in the GFMEDC – What’s In It For You

From the 50,000-foot level, your investment in the GFMEDC benefits everyone – your family, your neighbors and your business. Every time we help improve the business infrastructure, provide incentives that keep an existing business in Fargo Moorhead or entice a new one to the community, it means more families, more jobs and more spending, and it all makes for a stronger economy.

Looking more closely, there are also immediate and tangible benefits. When your company or organization invests in the GFMEDC and our priorities, you will receive:

  • Eligibility to nominate individuals for service on our Board of Directors
  • Eligibility to serve on our Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Nominating Committee
  • Free use of the CareerFM website to advertise jobs and promote your business
  • Access to the Community Experience Program, which provides community tours and information for job applicants and their spouses
  • Monthly Economic Indicator reports
  • ACCRA Cost of Living reports three times annually
  • Access to planning and update meetings related to GFMEDC initiatives and projects
  • Recognition in our annual reports and other marketing materials

We Couldn’t Do It Without You

 Primary-sector, retail and service-oriented businesses and foundations provide approximately 50 percent of our funding. With the support of organizations like yours, we’re able to aggressively and intelligently build our economy. Thank you.

Cycle of Success

The GFMEDC’s efforts benefit every business and every citizen in Fargo Moorhead and the surrounding region. When we help an existing company expand, it means more jobs, greater demand and stronger buying power.

When we entice a new business to Fargo Moorhead, it brings with it employees and their families who increase the demand for goods and services. That means more jobs, both for those already working here and new employees from outside the area. That again translates into a greater need for housing and higher demand for goods and services of every kind.

When we work to improve K-12 education, we are helping our kids become better prepared for an increasingly competitive and global career market. And by facilitating business growth and job creation, we make sure opportunities are available when they finish their educations.

And so on. It’s an interconnected cycle, and with your help we can keep the wheel turning.