Building Stronger Economy, Better Community, Happier Citizenry

The GFMEDC is building Greater Fargo Moorhead by:

  • Developing the workforce.
  • Retaining and expanding existing businesses and industries.
  • Attracting new businesses and industries.
  • Initiating, facilitating and supporting traditional and high-tech infrastructure enhancement initiatives

To benefit the larger business community, the GFMEDC:

  • Advocates for business-friendly public policies.
  • Facilitates activities that bring companies, educators and civic leaders together in ways that make something greater possible.
  • Leads efforts to formulate a clear, aggressive vision for our future.
  • Promotes Fargo Moorhead as a business, education and career destination.

Five-year Strategic Plan (2015-2020)

After months of planning and research, the Greater Fargo Moorhead has launched a five-year strategic plan starting in 2015.

FINAL Economic Development Strategic Plan

The Greater Fargo Moorhead EDC engages in many projects and initiatives aimed at helping to grow and diversify the economy. Take a peek at our projects and initiatives.

2017 Projects and InitiativesFinal
To attract new businesses, grow existing ones or encourage new start-ups, we need employees for them to hire. The GFMEDC works with area employers to supplement their recruitment efforts, share resources with local colleges and universities so they can attract more students and encourage alumni to return, and support training programs so the workers we have can improve their career prospects.

Retaining and Expanding Existing Businesses and Industries

The GFMEDC is involved in developing, administering and facilitating access to a wide range of local, state and federal programs that help our existing companies remain in business, grow and become more competitive.

Attracting New Businesses and Industries

Greater Fargo Moorhead is a great place to do business. The GFMEDC’s job is to make sure well-run, innovative companies know it, then convince them to do business here. This applies equally to companies outside our region and entrepreneurs who can create businesses and jobs right here.

Building & Enhancing Infrastructure

Building and improving infrastructure has move well beyond the time when it meant roads, bridges and electric transmission lines. Today, infrastructure encompasses all of that and so much more, from STEM curriculum to high-tech centers of excellence to air service. We’re pushing for improvement in all of these areas to further enhance our businesses environment and ensure it continues to be conducive for business growth.

Your Investment

Your investment means we can facilitate connections leading to job and wealth creation, find solutions to workforce and other challenges that provide a barrier to growth. We can continue to help entrepreneurs get to the next step and do all the things that grow our tax base and improve our quality of life.

And your investment affords you some pretty nice perks too. Check it out!

GFMEDC Investor Tiers