Fargo Moorhead offers an abundance of housing to meet all needs and income levels, whether owning or renting. Options include vibrant, tree-lined neighborhoods, peaceful rural communities and lake homes just outside of town. Individuals and families can find comfortable and affordable apartments, condos and town homes with varying square footage and a wide range of amenity options.

The downtown district is home to high-end, luxury lofts and condos that are walking distance to restaurants, coffee shops and other stores and amenities. College students will find affordable rental units on and off campus. There truly is something for everyone!

Average Median Price of Apartments

2 Bed/2 Bath, approx. 950 square feet, less than 10 years old: $897/month
Source: C2ER, 2015 Annual Average Data (Released January 2016)


Number of Homes on the Market

Single Family Twin Homes Condos/Townhouses
New Construction and Pre-owned 618 82 52

Source: FM Area Association of Realtors (October, 29 2015)


Average Median Price of Homes, Year-to-Date

Single Family $207,215
Twin Homes $169,986
Condos/Townhouses $138,448

Source: FM Area Association of Realtors (October, 29 2015)

For more information on housing starts in the region, check out our economic indicators.
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