Businesses that locate in the Greater Fargo Moorhead area are eligible for several incentive programs that assist with cost reduction, financing, workforce training and research and development.


Our Smartbook provides an overview of the North Dakota and Minnesota financing, workforce development and incentive programs.

SmartBook 2017

Tax Exemptions

The Greater Fargo Moorhead region offers many tax advantages for businesses, such as personal property tax exemptions, the lowest worker’s compensation premiums in the United States and the nation’s most generous R&D tax credit.

Finance Programs

Lets start with North Dakota which has the only state-owned bank in the nation. Bank of North Dakota takes a unique approach to assisting businesses by joining private and public resources. Including the following:

  • MATCH Program
  • PACE Program
  • New Venture Capital Fund
  • Beginning Entrepreneur Loan Guarantee Program
  • Business Development Loan Program
  • Value-Added Agricultural Equity Loan Program
On the other side of the river, Minnesota supports businesses with a whole host of resources including the Minnesota Investment Fund and the Minnesota Cup which identifies and rewards aspiring entrepreneurs.

Workforce Training

Both Minnesota and North Dakota offer strong programs that can assist with workforce training translating into a stronger bottom line.