The Greater Fargo Moorhead region offers many tax advantages for businesses, such as personal property tax exemptions, the lowest worker’s compensation premiums in the United States and the nation’s most generous R&D tax credit.

Corporate Income Tax Exemption

Newly established primary sector businesses, or expansions of existing primary sector businesses, are eligible for a five-year exemption from North Dakota state corporate income taxes. For business expansion, the exemption applies to the increase in corporate income attributable to the expansion project and related to North Dakota revenues.

No Personal Property Tax

North Dakota exempts all personal property from property taxation.

Property Tax Exemption

A qualifying project may receive a complete or partial exemption from ad valorem taxation for up to 10 years on new or existing buildings or structures used in the qualifying project. Land is not exempted. Buildings in a Tax Increment Financing district are not eligible for the property tax exemption.

Sales & Use Tax Exemption

North Dakota provides sales tax exemptions for equipment and materials used in manufacturing and other targeted industries.  A new or expanding plant may be exempt from sales and use tax on purchases of machinery or equipment used for manufacturing, ag commodity processing or recycling.

An expanding primary sector business may also be eligible for an exemption for purchases of computer and telecommunications equipment that is an integral part of the business.  The exemption does not extend to the purchase of replacement equipment.

Other exemptions more narrow in scope are also available including the construction of ag processing or energy generating facilities as well as coal mine and biodiesel fuel equipment.