An Innovative Culture

Fargo Moorhead’s base for research and development activity is solid and growing. The private sector and academia engage in an impressive array of R&D activities aimed at using and developing cutting-edge technologies that make the world better and our lives easier. Companies benefit from business-focused public policy, such as the most generous R&D tax credit in the nation, and Fargo Moorhead’s educated and dedicated workforce.

R&D Organizations and Facilities

Greater Fargo Moorhead has exceptional R&D infrastructure, and it’s getting stronger every day. Our business, education and government leaders continuously work together to build customizable capacity to meet the needs of specific industries and companies.

NDSU Research & Technology Park and Technology Incubator

The NDSU Research & Technology Park allows university researchers and private industry to combine talents to develop new technologies, methods and systems. Its Technology Incubator provides flexible space for start-ups in the biosciences, materials sciences, advanced manufacturing and information technology fields to co-locate with university researchers and other technology companies.

Center for Advanced Electronics Design and Manufacturing 

The CAEDM partners with private industry and government to develop, test and deliver market-driven electronics, wireless sensors and electronic packaging.

Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering

The CNSE has expertise in the wireless and RFID markets. The capabilities in the 75,000-square-foot facility include microelectronics miniaturization, surface mount assembly, chip scale and multi-chip packaging. The CNSE also includes a combinatorial and high-throughput materials laboratory that can prepare and screen thousands of compounds.

Center for Integrated Electronic Systems 

The CIES provides expertise in software and firmware development in a variety of vertical markets including enterprise resource planning, location-based services, machine-to-machine communications, RFID systems and machine control.

Center for Surface Protection

The CSP draws on the expertise of the NDSU Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials to develop, test and deliver new, market-driven hard and soft coatings and solutions for industry partners. Internationally known for research and education, the department puts NDSU among an elite group of approximately six U.S. universities that offer advanced coatings expertise.

Center for Sensors, Communications and Control

The CSCC provides expertise in core areas of JAVA programming, sensor integration and systems engineering.

Concordia College Global Vaccine Institute

The CCGVI conducts research and development in vaccine design for neglected tropical diseases, including identification of potential candidates and analysis of existing candidates.

NDSU College of Engineering & Architecture

NDSU’s engineers and architects are designing the future through multi-disciplinary study, applied research and strong ties to industry. The college offers bachelor’s and advanced degrees in seven engineering fields, including computer, electrical, mechanical and software.

NDSU Agriculture and University Extension

The North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and NDSU Extension Service conduct research that addresses cutting-edge issues related to food, feed and bioenergy production and processing.

Center for Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience

The CVCN is home to two state-of-the-art EEG laboratories where researchers are enhancing our understanding of how is perceived and processed by the brain.

Center for Protease Research 

The CPR is an NIH/NCRR/COBRE supported center with broad-based research programs to provide fundamental information on how proteases, key biological players, impact several diseases.

Centers of Excellence 

A North Dakota program that provides funding to encourage university-industry collaboration in research and development.

Red River Valley Research Corridor 

Facilitates tech-based development to stimulate federal research projects.

Life Science Alley and BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota

These industry groups can open the door to business partnerships, continuing education and advocating public policy for the life sciences