Fargo Moorhead Fans Can Share Love Of FM And Earn Prizes

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, folks who love Fargo Moorhead can share the good news of our community with their social networks while earning awesome prizes just for clicking share!

The Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is excited to launch a new Smart Move Ambassador Program. Through the program, Fargo Moorhead fans can sign up to be an ambassador. Once a person signs up, they can link their account to the available social media platforms of their choice. Once a week, the EDC will send out content that each ambassador can share on their chosen social platforms. Each ambassador can earn points and win fun prizes.

The Ambassador program is in response to the great need to recruit more people to our metro community. The Fargo Moorhead region continues to experience a low unemployment rate and a large number of open jobs. When you factor in the misperceptions or lack of perception about the area, recruiting can be a challenge.

“That’s why the ambassador program is so important. The ambassador is a trusted source sending positive messages about Fargo Moorhead to their friends and family, said Lisa Gulland-Nelson, VP Marketing & PR, GFMEDC, “We’re hoping this program helps people become true ambassadors of the Fargo Moorhead region. We know people love living here, and we want to make it easy for them to spread the word about how great it is.”

Ambassadors earn points by adding social networks and sharing messages through the program. The EDC will give out big prizes like a staycation along with other small prizes like gift cards to favorite local coffee shops and other businesses.

The program is managed through an online system called Social Toaster. To sign up, go to www.smartmovefm.com/ambassador. The first 200 will receive an awesome t-shirt designed by a local artist.

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