Associate Director for Marketing (Concordia Language Villages)

September 5, 2017 | Bysmartmovefm

Reporting to the executive director, the associate director for marketing is responsible for implementing the annual and long-term marketing strategy for Concordia Language Villages to support year-round enrollment goals for youth, family and adult programs. The associate director acts as the liaison between the core brand priorities of the Language Villages and the sub-brand initiatives of the Language Communities. The associate director collaboratively manages and refines marketing campaigns and plans for all Concordia Language Villages programs, in partnership with the Group Directors and the Language Communities. This collaborative work is reinforced through active engagement in the Marketing and Enrollment Team. In addition, the associate director is responsible for facilitating, managing and updating dynamic content for the Concordia Language Villages Website and other promotional material. This position focuses on developing and implementing strategic outreach to prospective customers through social media, advertising, conferences and events, strategic partnerships, and e-marketing campaigns, analyzing their effectiveness and adjusting them to maximize reach and results.
1. Assist in formulating and then implementing an ongoing and long-term marketing strategy for Concordia Language Villages in order to successfully achieve year-round enrollment goals for youth, family and adult sessions, with direction from the Executive Director and input from the Strategic Planning Council.
2. Serve as the Brand Steward by updating the Brand Guidelines for Concordia Language Villages, and ensuring compliance across all departments and Language Communities.
3. Advise the Group Directors and Language Communities how best to integrate the sub-brands of the 15 Language Communities into the core brand strategy to ensure that all marketing efforts are coordinated and effective to achieve enrollment goals.
4. Supervise and provide strategic, creative direction and content generation for the CLV Website and social media outlets, ensuring that all content and customer targeting are fresh, relevant and in line with strategic plan priorities.
5. Directly manage and analyze all online advertising.
6. Assess the strategic communication needs of the Language Communities on a monthly/quarterly basis in collaboration with Group Directors and Language Community leadership, by providing creative consultation, analysis (tools and data), and direction.
7. Routinely review lead sources with Language Communities and Group Directors in order to help them nurture and manage key multipliers/volunteers to advocate on behalf of the Villages at schools, service organizations, conferences, and in private settings (supporting the Parent Alumni Advocacy Network).
8. Support and implement training for marketing assistants and RFI responders associated with Language Communities.
9. Manage and maintain key internal communications channels to regularly communicate the marketing department’s initiatives and strategic direction.
10. Assess emerging standards, technologies and trends to formulate strategies and plans; make recommendations for software and hardware purchases.
11. Supervise the marketing department team members and student workers; identify and pursue professional development opportunities for self and team members.
12. Maintain a “dotted” line relationship with Concordia College design and Web teams to ensure synergy between the College and CLV.

Minimum Qualifications:

– Bachelor’s degree in a marketing or communications-related field
– Minimum of five years of leadership experience in marketing and communications, including digital/media management, preferred
– Google AdWords certification
– Demonstrated experience with online content creation and analysis, including e-campaigns, social media campaigns, online advertising (AdWords, Facebook ads)
– Demonstrated creative, administrative, organizational and management skills
– Understanding of branding and integrated marketing
– Proficiency in English (required) and at least one other world language (recommended)
– Experience living or studying abroad preferred

Essential Knowledge:
– Understanding of branding, integrated marketing and public relations
– Strong communication skills, including writing, editing and presenting
– Strong technical aptitude including knowledge of both Mac & PC platforms
– Knowledge of best practices in marketing and communications
– Previous experience with Website analytics
– Understanding of market research and analytics
– Understanding of marketing campaigns and plans, advertisements and trade shows

Skills and Abilities:
– Demonstrated administrative, organizational and management skills
– Ability to collaborate with team members in a complex, networked organization
– Familiarity with Google Analytics and other marketing metrics
– Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects and tasks
– Creative thinker with consistent drive for improvement and advancement of initiatives
– Demonstrated ability to plan, implement and evaluate complex tasks and procedures
– Customer service oriented; ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical colleagues and clients
– Strong attention to detail and quality

For more information and to apply, please visit Concordia College is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Criminal background check required.