Water Treatment Plant Operator

May 16, 2017 | ByCasey Serocki

This position operates, maintains, and repairs the Water Treatment Plant and its individual systems, to ensure that all processes in the Water Treatment Plant are functioning correctly, and meet and comply with all regulations and standards.


The current wage is $19.67 to $32.78 per hour. Benefits include pension (Minnesota Public Employee Retirement Association), health insurance, and generous vacation and sick leave/


Minimum qualifications include an associate’s degree in water environment technology, completion of a water plant operator program, or equivalent; one year of water treatment plant operation experience; and a driver’s license valid in the state of Minnesota. Desired qualifications include three years of water treatment plant operation experience and a Class D Water Supply System Operator’s Certificate.


Application form and job description are available at http://www.mpsutility.com/index.php/component/jobgroklist/posting/posting/100.


Applicants MUST complete an MPS Application for Employment to be considered for employment with MPS. EOE.


Closing Date:  Friday, May 26, 2017.