Study Abroad Advisor

July 11, 2017 | Bysmartmovefm

The study abroad advisor position responsibilities include the following:
1. Conduct student billing procedures; manage program and student budgets.
2. Manage the scholarship processes and provide outreach.
3. Advise students
4. Coordinate returned student outreach activities
5. Organize and promote events

Minimum Qualifications:
1) Bachelor’s degree
2) Office experience including detailed tasks and use of judgment in performing those tasks
3) Experience studying, working or living abroad
4) Strong international skills including evidence of sensitivity to and acceptance of people from diverse cultures
5) Experience with obtaining a second language
6) Computer skills using software such as Word, Excel, Power Point, or Adobe Creative Suite products
7) Evidence of organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to multi-task in a busy work space
8) Excellent written and oral communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:
1) Experience in a study abroad office, or closely related work
2) Study advising experience
3) Demonstrate confidence in public speaking
4) Experience using Terra Dotta Study Abroad Software
5) Evidence of financial abilities related to budgeting, accounts receivable and accounts payable

Opening Number:

Screening Date: