How We Can Help

One of our roles at GFMEDC is to provide information about programs, businesses and individuals.  We engage with as many business leaders as we can whether you are local and looking to expand or investigating the Fargo Moorhead region as a place to expand your business.

If you are expanding your business, there’s a program for you. It’s never too early but it can quickly become too late. We can help line you up with the program or incentive that works.

We have a deep depth of knowledge about programs, incentives and organizations that can help. We meet with roughly 150 primary-sector companies each year. We keep our ears to the ground so we know what’s happening in the market and how we can best support a strong and growing economy. 

So if you are looking to relocate, expand or start your business here in the Fargo Moorhead MSA, call us, text us or shoot us an email. We can help, and we’re glad to do it.