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You can do business anywhere these days. And there’s no better place than Fargo Moorhead. The economy is strong, public policies are business-friendly, transportation access and connections are exceptional, and the workers are smart, reliable and dedicated to doing a great job!


How the GFMEDC Will Help Your Company

Please contact our Chief Business Development Officer. All inquiries to the GFMEDC are strictly confidential.

Fargo Moorhead is a Smart Move for companies looking for a new location or a business-friendly place to expand. We’re happy to help.

Every industry and every company is different so we’ll provide customized information and services to meet your needs.

We will:

  • Provide all the information you need about doing business in Fargo Moorhead, the community and quality of life.
  • Help access local and state incentives for new businesses.
  • Help quantify savings from incentive programs and compare them to the costs of other locations your company may be considering.
  • Help identify a specific location or property.
  • Connect you to local suppliers, vendors and university resources that can contribute to your company’s success.
  • Provide tours of the community and potential business locations for representatives of your company.
  • Provide tours of the community for spouses.
  • Once you decide Fargo Moorhead is the place for your company or new satellite operation, we’ll help your team integrate into the community.



Connecting to angel investors and venture capitalists is easy in Fargo Moorhead. Compared to many other markets, public and private leaders are remarkably accessible in the greater metro. In addition, angels that invest in local companies benefit from income tax credits in both Minnesota and North Dakota, helping to mitigate the risk that is inherent in investing in startups.

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Finance Programs

Lets start with North Dakota which has the only state-owned bank in the nation. Bank of North Dakota takes a unique approach to assisting businesses by joining private and public resources, including the following:

  • MATCH Program
  • PACE Program
  • New Venture Capital Fund
  • Beginning Entrepreneur Loan Guarantee Program
  • Business Development Loan Program
  • Value-Added Agricultural Equity Loan Program

On the other side of the river, Minnesota supports businesses with a whole host of resources including the Minnesota Investment Fund and the Minnesota Cup which identifies and rewards aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Available Sites/Commercial Real Estate

The Fargo Moorhead region is home to a number of industrial parks, greenfield sites, office parks of varying sizes and stand-alone professional buildings. Our real estate database regularly consists of approximately 500 sites and buildings.

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Workforce Incentives & Programs

Both Minnesota and North Dakota offer strong programs that can assist with workforce development, translating into a stronger bottom line.

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