Document Ready Sites

In the Greater Fargo Moorhead region, we understand the importance of speed to market. With several document-ready sites (also referred to as shovel-ready or certified-ready) in our region, you can get to work faster.

The GFMEDC has worked with multiple partners to build the program and qualify sites across the region as document ready, which means that a significant amount of pre-work, identification and location of utilities, and technical reporting on the properties is complete.

For example, to be deemed document ready, a site has completed a litany of technical work such as soil surveys, environmental assessments, wetlands mapping or endangered species assessment. The more technical reports completed, the higher the document ready certification – Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

The GFMEDC worked with global site location consultant, Phil Schneider, Schneider Consulting, to develop this program. Schneider has reviewed and designated each site based on the appropriate level of data provided. 

Please see our current listing of document ready sites, and know that we are constantly working with property owners to provide a range of sites in our region to serve a variety of industry needs.

Document Ready Sites in Fargo Moorhead Region

MCCARA Site - Platinum

Moorhead’s MCCARA site is 197 acres and is at a Platinum level (the highest level available). The site is located just south of I-94 on HWY 52 in Moorhead.

MCCARA Document Ready Site – Platinum Level Site
November 2021
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Holmquist Site - Silver

Fargo’s Holmquist Site is 111 acres and is at Silver level. The site is located at 37th Street N and 52nd Avenue North, the site is 111.7 acres.

Holmquist Document Ready Site updated 8.9.2022
August 2022
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Document-Ready Site FAQ’s
December 2021
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