Smart. And Getting Smarter.

Education is top notch in Fargo Moorhead. More than 70 percent of people who live here have more than a high school education compared to an average of 60 percent nationwide. In addition, one in three people here is engaged in education in one way or another, and that’s part of the reason we have one of the best elementary and secondary systems in the nation. The network of private schools features everything from religious-based philosophies to Montessori programs. Fargo Moorhead also is home Division I, II and III universities, a unique Tri-College University consortium and a strong system of community, technical and business colleges.


Fargo Moorhead has one of the best elementary and secondary systems in the nation. Our high school students earn SAT and ACT scores that are consistently above national averages and, compared to other communities, more of our high school students graduate and more go on to college. Your kids will get a strong foundation in our schools, one that will give them a head start in going on to big things.

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Higher Education

Fargo Moorhead is a community of about 210,000 that values what college students bring to life here. With exceptional universities of various sizes, as well as several technical and business schools, this town rivals any college town in the nation.

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STEM or Project-Based Learning

Fargo Moorhead’s business, education and community leaders recognize the critical role of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in today’s world. Preparing our citizens to excel in the STEM disciplines guarantees a pipeline of skilled workers and helps secure their prosperity in the long-term.

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Continuing Education

No matter your age, Fargo Moorhead is a great place for life-long learning. Our citizens take advantage of a variety of opportunities in the areas of university community education, workforce training, and professional development.

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