How We Can Help

Our primary entrepreneurial support focus at GFMEDC is with the startup entrepreneur as opposed to the more traditional small business entrepreneur. A startup generally has the ability to grow & scale, while often aiming for a customer base not constrained by geography. The most common are those involved in creating software, hardware or manufactured products. However, even small business entrepreneurs can benefit and thrive with the help of our local resources and Fargo Moorhead community connections.

You can find a variety of helpful information about us and our partners throughout our website.  However, we understand that sometimes you can gain the most knowledge through a direct connection. Basically sometimes it’s just easier to ask in person. We get that. And we’re happy to meet, so go ahead and get in touch.  Send an email, make a call or complete our “Entrepreneurial Assistance” form (this helps get the ball rolling on seeing how we can help).

Let us know how we can help!

John Machacek
Chief Innovation Officer