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However you define fun, you can have it here. Fargo-Moorhead is a mosaic of entertainment and nightlife, dining and shopping, funky shops, coffee bars and micro-breweries, annual film and music festivals, nationally-recognized performance venues, pubs and clubs.

And let’s not forget, Fargo-Moorhead is in the middle of open prairies with beautiful Minnesota lakes country and pine forests only an hour down the road. If you like to hike, mountain bike, canoe, fish, camp or (insert your favorite outdoor activity), you can do it here.

From big-name music headliners to minor league sports to outdoor opportunities that are truly great, there’s something for everyone. Come see for yourself.


Live and Work

If you live here or have recently visited, you know Fargo-Moorhead is a diverse, family-friendly community with something for everyone.

A vibrant downtown with excellent restaurants and plenty of nightlife along with safe, friendly neighborhoods and excellent schools top the list of what’s to love. We have a wide variety of great jobs, and we enjoy easy and quick commutes.

How Fargo-Moorhead Compares

Aside from high-speed internet, lots to do and plenty of food and shopping, you might want to know a little more about our ever-growing community.

In 2021, Fargo-Moorhead’s population was 252,693. The regional population is expected to increase by 7.6% between 2021 – 2026 to reach 271,839. (EMSI Burning Glass)

We’re of the mindset that you’re only as old as you feel, but if we’re talking numbers, our population also tends to be on the younger side. Our median age is 32.5, compared to a national average of 38.5 making us a comparatively young community. That means we are a metro full of ideas, coffee shops and college hangouts. That all blends with our rich and diverse arts and culture. We’re a lot more, you might say, “unexpected” than you might first think.

How Can We Help

Whether you are considering making Fargo-Moorhead your home, just moved here or are recruiting, we have the resources and connections to get you the information you need. Take a look at our website or give us a shout. We’re happy to help. And we’re excited to show off our great regional community!

Be sure to check out our other site, for more information about living, working and learning here in the metro.

Community Profile


We know some things about working hard and blowing off steam, and a few more about loyalty, safety and quality. Maybe that’s why Fargo-Moorhead keeps turning up on best-of lists for everything from livability to low stress to high satisfaction.

Fargo-Moorhead combines urban excitement with small-town friendly, reliability and safety. The metro encompasses Cass County on the North Dakota side of the Red River and Clay County on the Minnesota side. Together we’re about 252,000 strong.

And when it comes to families, Fargo-Moorhead is definitely tops. Many tangibles make this a wonderful place to raise your family – low overall and violent crime rates, clean air and water, great schools and medical facilities, short drive times and plentiful, affordable housing. Other reasons are not so measurable but just as important – friendly people, tight-knit neighborhoods, a strong sense of community, solid values and a genuine concern for others.

Check out all the amenities, community characteristics and services that make Fargo-Moorhead one of the nation’s top metro areas. We think you’ll like it here.


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Sr. Vice President of Workforce Development