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Utility Providers In The Fargo Moorhead Area MSA

The Fargo Moorhead MSA is served by a variety of trusted utility providers, including cooperative, investor owned and municipal providers. Your choice of utility provider depends mainly on location. Below is a list of providers, by category, that may serve you.


Fargo Moorhead’s communication service providers offer reliable carrier-grade services and are committed to the latest technologies. Their full range of services include redundant metro ethernet, redundant dark and spectrum fiber, Ethernet up to 10G, wave service, wide area network, co-location, optical OCx with both local and regional SONET protection, DS1 and DS3 carrier grade services.

Multiple fiber routes connect local providers to extensive statewide networks in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Additional state- and nation-wide POPS include AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Sprint, 360 Networks, Consolidated Communications, Dakota Carrier Network and SDN Communications.


Utility providers in our area are ready and willing to work with your company to analyze your energy needs and recommend appropriate services. Our electricity rates are among the most economical in the region. In order to maintain reasonable prices while minimizing their impact on the environment, our service providers are diligently adding renewable resources to further diversify their electric generation portfolios.

Natural Gas

Natural gas continues to be one of the most economical energy sources for heating and manufacturing processes. Technology advances have increased the efficiency of equipment making it a cost-efficient energy source. In addition to being a comfortable, convenient energy source, natural gas has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly than many other energy resources. Xcel Energy, the natural gas provider in our area, will help you analyze what type of service might be best for your new or growing business.

Water & Sewer

The region is dedicated to serving industrial water needs. Contact us to discuss potential capacity to serve your project. 

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