Distribution & Logistics

Our area provides excellent distribution and logistics.


Industry Impact

At the crossroads of two major national interstates and an international airport with growing cargo utilization and an active Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ), it is no wonder we have always had a strong distribution and logistics sector. Evidenced by the continued expansion of logistic giants like Digi-key (electronics) and Amazon, and aerospace firms like Weather Modification (global cloud seeding and atmospheric assessment), there are ongoing opportunities for growth in the region.

Earnings (2021)
$ 0 M
Property Income (2021)
$ 0 M
Taxes (2021)
$ 0 M
Total GRP (2021)
$ 0 M

Hiring Competition Over an Average Supply of Regional Talent

Supply (Jobs)

Fargo, ND-MN is about average for this kind of talent. The national average for an area this size is 6,516* employees, while there are 6,985 here.

Earnings Per Job

Earnings per job are about the same as the national average. The national average salary for Transportation and Warehousing in an area this size is $69,467, while in Fargo, ND-MN it is $65,548. Earnings per jobs is the total industry earnings divided by the number of jobs in the industry.

Demand (Job Postings)

Competition from online job postings is high in Fargo, ND-MN. The national average for an area this size is 85* job postings/mo, while there are 154 here.

*Data Source: Lightcast

Our Partners

Cash-Wa Distributing Company
Amazon- Fargo Fulfilment Center
Swanson Health Products
Border States Electric

Thrifty White Drug Pharmacy
Sysco North Dakota, Inc.
Supervalu Inc.
Dacotah Paper Co.

Regional Companies


The region offers great incentives and capital resources to support our growing primary-sector businesses


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