A Bedrock of the Regional Economy


Industry Impact

Manufacturing has been the bedrock of the greater Fargo Moorhead regional economy for decades. The region boasts major firms such as Bobcat, John Deere, CNI, Marvin Windows, Amity, Trail King, True North Steel, Titan Machinery, Assembly Systems, and dozens of others that operate in our market. More than 50% of the 100+ projects we’ve supported in the past four years have been with manufacturing enterprises. Even more exciting, we are seeing the growth of new manufacturing operations, such as Trimyxs, SpaceAge Synthetics, PRx Performance, Weisgram Metal Fab, and many more. 

Earnings (2021)
$ 0 M
Property Income (2021)
$ 0 M
Taxes (2021)
$ 0 M
Total GRP (2021)
$ 0 B

Manufacturing Snapshot

*Data Source: Lightcast

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The region offers great incentives and capital resources to support our growing primary-sector businesses

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