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Industry Diversity Snapshot

The Fargo Moorhead metro ranks 192nd in population, (putting us in the top 50% of all metros) while at the same time, our industry diversity puts us in the top 19% of all metros. Fargo Moorhead benefits from highly diversified sectors. This means that employment is distributed more evenly between the 11 industry clusters compared to the typical Metro. A region with high diversity can signal economic stability and more easily withstand economic pressures, while a region with low diversity can signal economic instability.

Industry Diversity

Industry Share

Industry Cluster

Non functional employment refers to industries that primarily serve local markets and are non-export based industries such as retail, dentist offices and construction.

*Data Source: Lightcast


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Tifanie Gelinske

Sr. Vice President of Workforce Development

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Tifanie Gelinske

Sr. Vice President of Workforce Development