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Industry Impact

The Fargo Moorhead Region is home to high-tech, globally recognized companies. Our region’s strong and expanding list of tech-driven companies spans a diverse set of industries sectors that supports a vibrant economy. Whether your business is engaged in finance (Bell Bank), publishing (Microsoft), real estate (FBS), agriculture (Bushel), bioscience (Aldevron), or any of the other growth sectors of our economy, companies providing or utilizing hardware and software services will find a home in the greater Fargo region.

Earnings (2021)
$ 0 M
Property Income (2021)
$ 0 M
Taxes (2021)
$ 0 M
Total GRP (2021)
$ 0 M

Average Hiring Competition Over A Deep Supply of Regional Talent

Supply (Jobs)

Fargo, ND-MN is a hotspot for this kind of talent. The national average for an area this size is 1,783* employees, while there are 2,382 here.

Earnings Per Job

Earnings per job are below the national average. The national average for industries in an area this size is $178,892, while in Fargo, ND-MN it is $148,537. Earning per jobs is the total industry earnings divided by the number of jobs in the industry.

Demand (Job Postings)

Competition from online job postings is about average in Fargo, ND-MN. The national average for an area this size is 76* job postings/mo, while there are 74 here.

*Data Source: Lightcast

Regional Companies

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WEX Health
IDA Corporation
Financial Business Systems
QUADROtech Solutions Inc.

Razor Consulting Solutions
Pedigree Technologies
BNG Holdings


The region offers great incentives and capital resources to support our growing primary-sector businesses

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