Strategic Playbook

Make it happen


Strategic Initiatives

(How We Will Get There)

We have a magnificent product to sell. Greater Fargo-Moorhead and companies located here benefit from a business-friendly environment, a well-developed and reliable infrastructure, exceptional higher education and research institutions, and a culture of hard work and collaboration.

The GFMEDC, a non-profit organization, is funded both privately and publicly. Primary-sector, retail, and service-oriented businesses invest in our efforts, and the Cass and Clay County Commissions provide public funding.

Strategic Playbook

Our strategic playbook is the plan that sets our course for the next three years. It dives into our core purpose, core values and strategic initiatives showing how we’ll accomplish our work to support a strong regional economy.

Partnerships Matter

Fueling Our Future (FOF)

Fueling Our Future (FOF) is a joint venture between The Chamber and the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation (EDC) that provides a platform to bring leaders together to understand and identify actionable steps and outcomes around major issues with a regional impact. FOF works intentionally to support and build a thriving community.

Valley Prosperity Partnership

The VPP advocates interests and concerns of business and industry in the Red River Valley and works together to leverage our collective resources, strengthen partnerships and influence public policy.