One of the most valuable advantages of doing business in Fargo Moorhead is the community’s access to elected officials and governmental agencies. Leaders and policy-makers at the local, state and federal level are remarkably accessible, responsive and eager to help.

Business friendly priorities include:

  • Encouraging research and innovation by passing the most aggressive Research & Development Tax Credit in the nation
  • Mitigating the risk of investing in startup companies with a tax credit for angel investors
  • Property, income and sales tax exemptions
  • Ensuring that local small businesses have access to government contracts
  • Working closely with local universities to develop strategies for curriculum development and student and faculty recruitment in disciplines that support our targeted economic sectors
  • Stimulating a cycle of federal research and economic development that helps to develop our major universities into world-class research institutions, as well as to bring high-tech industries to the state

Contacts by State

Minnesota North Dakota
Governor Tim Walz Governor Doug Burgum 
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development North Dakota Department of Commerce
Minnesota Department of Revenue North Dakota Office of the State Tax Commissioner
Minnesota Secretary of State North Dakota Secretary of State
Office of Minnesota Attorney General North Dakota Attorney General
Minnesota Department of Agriculture North Dakota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Trade Office North Dakota Trade Office