CorVent Medical Opens Office in NDSU Research and Technology Park

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, JANUARY 11, 2022 — Medical device company, CorVent Medical, officially launched its new base of operations at the NDSU Research and Technology Park at a press conference.

CorVent plans to add several high-paying jobs and is locating at NDSU to access the highly technical engineering and bioscience talent being produced by NDSU.

CorVent medical is developing smart, versatile, lifesaving ventilators for critical care and intends to start designing new ventilatory products for home and transport. Much of the initial phase of work conducted at the new Research Park office will focus on design and testing of their next generation of ventilator technologies.

“We are delighted to be joining the greater Fargo community, and we are looking forward to supporting the growing movement for medical device innovation in North Dakota. The support from the GFMEDC and the Bioscience Association of North Dakota has helped make this possible,” said Richard Walsh, CEO of CorVent Medical.

The GFMEDC has been working with CorVent Medical since the first half of 2021 to connect the company to competitive capital, resources, programing, talent, and more.

“CorVent is innovating to improve lifesaving technologies and we are extremely excited that the team at CorVent has decided to locate a significant aspect of their business and bet on their future growth here,” said Joe Raso, President and CEO of the GFMEDC. “CorVent’s commitment to locate here is further evidence of the increasing momentum we are building in the bioscience and medical device industries. CorVent is a welcome addition to the number of medical device companies we have added to the ecosystem in the last two years.”

CorVent plans to add several high paying jobs and the decision to locate at NDSU allows the company to access the highly technical engineering and bioscience talent being produced by NDSU.

“At the heart of the NDSU Research and Technology Park’s mission is advancing the economic development of North Dakota and our region. This new move opens the door for CorVent to leverage the cutting-edge expertise of our campus researchers and it connects them with a highly skilled workforce. We look forward to productive relationships that bear fruit in new technologies, high-paying jobs, and more,” said Colleen M. Fitzgerald NDSU Vice President for Research and Creative Activity.

In addition to technology development, CorVent plans to work with area manufacturers to scale production for the ventilator units once commercialization is complete creating another value added and ecosystem building element to this opportunity.

About CorVent Medical

CorVent Medical, a privately held medical device startup, is committed to developing versatile, lifesaving ventilators for critical care. The company’s first product, the RESPOND-19™ Ventilator, provides ICU-quality respiratory support that expands ventilation capacity with reliable and affordable deployment when you need it most. The streamlined system enables sophisticated ventilation that includes lifesaving, life sustaining and weaning capabilities with excellent infection control. The robust, lightweight system eliminates the need for costly service and maintenance plans and was designed and built in the USA. To learn more, please visit

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