GFMEDC Launches Faith in Fargo Moorhead Web Page

The Greater Fargo Moorhead EDC has launched a Faith in Fargo Moorhead website page highlighting the various religious and faith-based options in the Fargo Moorhead Metro.

The webpage was built in response to a need expressed by local investor companies and partner organizations.

The information targets people who are new to the area or considering locating here. The Faith in Fargo Moorhead page is unique to the area and benefits people trying to connect and integrate into the community.

Along with the many Christian denominations, Fargo Moorhead is home to a Baha’i community, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Free Thinkers.

“As president of Concordia College, I am delighted by the lively and welcoming spirit revealed in the “Faith in Fargo-Moorhead” page of the GFMEDC. Our community, our colleges and universities, our places of business—all are strengthened by the diversity of faith commitments that define our friends and neighbors and that call us to work for the common good,” William J. Craft, President Concordia College.

The GFMEDC partnered with David Meyers, PhD. Founder & Executive Director of Center for Interfaith Projects, and Jacqueline Bussie, PhD. Director, Forum on Faith and Life and Concordia College Associate Professor, to gather the information provided on the webpage.

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