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If you live here or have recently visited, you know Fargo Moorhead is a diverse, family-friendly community with something for everyone.

A vibrant downtown with excellent restaurants and plenty of nightlife along with safe, friendly neighborhoods and excellent schools top the list of what’s to love. We have a wide variety of great jobs, and we enjoy easy and quick commutes.

Looking for even more great info on living in the area? Check out LiveInFargo.

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Clean air and water, great schools, short drive times, friendly people and a strong sense of community make this a great place live and raise your family.  

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With one of the best K-12 and higher education system in the nation, education is where we really shine.

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Housing is abundant. Vibrant tree-lined neighborhoods, downtown condos, peaceful rural communities or lake homes just outside of town.

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Fargo Moorhead offers a fantastic quality of life for less cost than many other areas in the country. But don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself. Smart move.

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