Project-Based Learning

Fargo Moorhead’s business, education and community leaders recognize the critical role of project-based learning today’s world. Preparing our students by challenging them to solve problems with creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration guarantees a pipeline of successful and talented individuals securing their prosperity long term no matter what they decide to do.

Education that Works

Through the Education that Works initiative, Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo Public School Districts are collaborating to increase community awareness, accelerate teacher development and support the evolution of education to better align student learning with the needs of an ever-changing, technologically-advanced global economy.


Some Additional STEM Education Resources

There is plenty going on in the Fargo Moorhead region that engages students to think critically, creatively and call on their innovative nature. Check out some of the many resources around to challenge students to think outside the box.


NDSCS focuses on providing students plenty of ways to gain project-based learning so they can think critically, solve problems and communicate more effectively. From various summer programs to the Great Plains Girls Collaborative, NDSCS is working hard to take our talented young people to the next level!

NDSU Outreach

NDSU’s College of Engineering and Architecture provides several K-12 outreach programs including Bison Robotics, STEM Competitions, and Techgirls and TechBOYZ.

MSUM Outreach

Minnesota State University Moorhead provides outreach to a wide cross section of learners with programs like College for Kids and Scrubs camp.

Microsoft Outreach

The Fargo Moorhead region is fortunate to be home to Microsoft’s third largest U.S. campus. Starting with DigiGirlz, Microsoft provides outreach to encourage more interest in information technology and innovation.