Top ten reasons to attend the FM Welcome Party no matter how long you’ve lived here!

We’re creeping close to the FM Welcome Party and there are so many reasons to attend, but we’ll stick with the top ten!

  1. It’s a party so obviously that’s reason numero uno!
  2. It’s free to attend! You just need to grab a ticket!
  3. If you have always lived here, it’s a great way to welcome folks to the community. If you’ve just moved here, it’s a great way to feel welcomed!
  4. There’s lots of info about things to do and ways to get involved.
  5. Food, we’ll have plenty of really good food and snacks (plus a cash bar if you are 21+).
  6. We have free tattoos (and a map to pin where you’re from). But really who doesn’t love a good tattoo?!
  7. There will be entertainment like the Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre.
  8. Volunteer hosts will be there to chat it up with you so you won’t be standing alone, ever…unless you want to.
  9. We have a really cool door prize you can win by playing our ice breaker bingo. It’s super easy and helps…well, break the ice when meeting new people!
  10. Everyone is super friendly so you actually wouldn’t need an ice breaker to meet people.

Here are the details:
FM Welcome Party
Sanctuary Events Center
670 4th Ave. N, Fargo
October 29th
6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Grab your tickets!

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