20 Reasons to Join us for our Greater FM EDC (un) Annual Meeting

Considering whether or not to attend our EDC annual meeting in July? Worried it will be another sit down chicken dinner where we hand out awards and list off our sponsors?


What will we do instead?

We’re putting the spotlight on nearly two dozen area companies, organizations and initiatives that are contributing to a robust and strong economy. Companies like Bobcat, Aldevron, Appareo, Microsoft and Bushel. You’ll also get to chat with Drekker Brewing, PRX Industries and Emerging Prairie as well as folks leading initiatives like Valley Prosperity Partnership and Fueling Our Future.

It’ll be in a casual environment (think town square…we’ll even have a clock tower) where you can walk around, chat with companies while enjoying heavy appetizers and a refreshing drink or two. Our EDC will be in the middle, and we’ll show you some of the cool technology we’ve implemented this past year to streamline and increase ways we are helping companies find and keep the workforce they need; locating the best property for growth; and just being cutting edge in our work.

We’ll keep our talking to a minimum (10-15 minute stage time is all) so you can focus on the fun in meeting old friends and learning about new business.

Swing on over to the Air Museum on July 23rd at 3:30, but first, grab a ticket. Oh and we love it when people come in groups so grab your coworkers.


We’ll see you there!

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