A Region Rich in Resources, Organizations and Programs that Support Company Success

A Region Rich in Resources, Organizations and Programs that Support Company Success

The FM region boasts many helpful organizations and effective resources. 

The biggest challenge? 

Understanding and connecting them to companies when it’s helpful.  

In a recent survey, the GFMEDC found that many companies weren’t aware of the services offered. In fact, respondents indicated lack of awareness more than 600 times across 25 programs/entities.  

The most utilized organization listed in the survey was Job Service ND.  

“Job Service supports both job seekers and employers by providing resources and services to match talent with job opportunities with an average of 900 people visiting our Fargo Workforce Center each month.  We help people find jobs and develop their careers. This can include financial assistance with classroom training, apprenticeship, on the job training, work experience, career exploration, assistance with job applications, support services, interview preparation and overcoming obstacles to success. Job Service provides labor market information to employers and job seekers to assist them in making informed decisions and administers the state’s unemployment program,” said Carey Fry, Fargo Workforce Center Manager, ND Job Service.  

The top programs and organizations utilized by respondent to the survey included: 

Higher Ed Institutions – One of the ways we can assist employers in finding talent is by helping them to connect to higher education. If an employer is looking to hire students or recent graduates, they can connect with various career centers to identify students. Or, if they are looking for people with a particular degree or background, we can connect them with the right department or contact at the college or university.   

ND Operation Intern – This program, offered through the ND Department of Commerce, is a popular program that allows employers to receive up to $4,000 in matching funds for hiring interns. The program focused on the state of North Dakota’s targeted sector’s but employers may also apply for jobs that are part of the state’s in-demand job list. The next funding window will be open on February 3, 2025. Until then, employers may sign-up on the waiting list for any funds remaining.   

Golden Path Solutions/Compass – Golden Path Solutions is a Fargo company whose application Compass is intended to connect employers with students and schools for future workforce development.  Compass is available to all high school and middle school students in North Dakota, and growing their footprint in Minnesota. Employers can connect with schools, help students understand their careers and how to get there, offer students sponsorships (tuition reimbursement for a work commitment) and offer work-based learning, all with the goal of connecting with future talent! 

GFMEDC Resources  -The resources provided by our organization include: LiveinFargo.com, a robust recruitment website that includes 360-degree tours. Data tools to support companies, including occupational data, wage data for various markets and a feature to identify specific talent. The GFMEDC also makes connections to pockets of talent including justice-involved or veterans.   

The top program that survey respondents requested information on was ND Working Parents Relief Program. According to ND Dept. of Health & Human Services, the pilot program aims to help attract and retain employees – specifically parents who need childcare and may be experiencing challenges due to the high cost of infant and toddler care.  

This cost-sharing pilot program focuses on families with young children (birth – 36 months). The WPCCR pilot program matches some employer childcare benefits.  

Regarding MN programs, survey respondents requested information on the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline Program and Apprenticeship Minnesota. Both programs have an earn-as-you-learn model, and in the case of the Dual-Training Pipeline Program there are grants for employers to create or expand dual-training initiatives. 

For more available incentives and programs, click on the link below or chat with Tifanie Gelinske, tgelinske@fmedc.com.  


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