A penny? Nope $25 for business leaders’ thoughts…to support a local charity!

For the GFMEDC, a higher rate of feedback on business surveys means donations to non profits. In fact, in 2021 through our BRE (Business Retention & Expansion) Survey Program, we donated $2,600 to local non profits.

Driven by the GFMEDC’s core purpose to cultivate an environment where all people and organizations flourish, the GFMEDC engages in an annual survey to check in with primary-sector business leaders. The survey’s purpose is two-fold. The first is to learn about and offer connections or information to overcome challenges or to support growth opportunities. The second is to get a better picture of the region’s overall economic landscape. 

Survey participants can choose one the six local non-profits, and the GFMEDC will donate $25.  

The GFMEDC has given to the following non profits to date:

  • United Way $550.00
  • Homeward Animal Shelter $325.00
  • Ronald McDonald House $300.00
  • Roger Maris Cancer Center $475.00
  • Great Plains Food Bank $550.00
  • F5 Project $400.00
Ryan Aasheim, Chief Business Development Officer at GFMEDC, presents donation to Great Plains Food Bank CEO, Melissa Sobolik.

“Our mission is to end hunger together and we know we can’t do it alone. By coming together with the GFMEDC to enhance economic development so that our communities and residents can thrive, we’ve formed a perfect partnership,” Great Plains Food Bank CEO Melissa Sobolik said. “We cannot thank the GFMEDC enough for all they are doing in our communities and for teaming up with us in the fight to end hunger.”

So, what did we learn? 

Eighty percent of respondents (82 responses in 2021) indicated they plan to expand in one to two years, with most projects happening in the manufacturing and software and hardware industries. Collectively, survey respondents  plan to spend $250 million in capital investments and utilize more than  one million square feet of new space.

To see the full results of our BRE work, please visit www.gfmedc.com/business/business-data. 



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