Building an Internationally Recognized AgTech Sector in the Fargo Moorhead Region

In late June, the EDC hosted roughly 40 local leaders including legislators, city and county officials, bankers, utility providers and technology innovators for a business development breakfast about the state of the region’s AgTech industry.

We updated and informed key regional leaders on the current state and potential to build a robust AgTech ecosystem aiming to be nationally and internationally recognized as a premier destination for AgTech innovation and development. We also talked about why we (as a region and EDC), are focusing time and resources to further develop our value proposition as an AgTech destination.

Key ecosystem players from NDSU, Grand Farm, Bushel and Sentera provided valuable context by sharing their stories and describing their contribution to advancing agriculture and the growth of the regional ecosystem.

Critical to this conversation was the feedback and insights provided during the larger audience engagement which included an acknowledgement that our AgTech community has a great story to tell, we just need to tell it better. Additionally, while we have strength in so many areas, we need to continue to advocate for policies that further strengthen our position against competitors.

Events like this are a small part of a regular and ongoing cadence to keep industry partners and regional decision makers apprised of progress and developments as well as to continue aligning our efforts.

During the event, the EDC unveiled marketing materials (AgTechOpportunity) and a strategy for targeted recruitment of AgTech innovators, investors and talent. This includes working with area partners like the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber on a larger regional AgTech branding initiative.

With a solid strategy and effective marketing tools, the EDC continues to support the buildout of the regional AgTech ecosystem by recruiting companies and innovators, attracting venture capital and investment to fuel startup growth and being recognized as a sought out destination for Agriculture industry professionals looking to build their careers in the richest AgTech environment in the world.

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