Extra, Extra, Read All About it – Startups, that is. The Startup Digest You Need

If you’re looking for events and info related to startups in the FM Area, chances are, you’ll find it in Startup Digest. So, is it one of the region’s best kept secrets? We hope not – a secret, that is.

So, what is Startup Digest Fargo?

Startup Digest is a newsletter platform provided, for free, by Techstars to startup communities around the world. Some communities are the geographic definition of a community, like Fargo Moorhead, and some are industry-based, such as Bevtech or Insurtech, as two examples. One goal of Techstars is to make entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone around the world, utilizing the digest newsletters as an informative tool and enabler for building a worldwide network.

What started as a curated calendar of local entrepreneurial events (with a bi-weekly highlight newsletter) has evolved into a true digest of varied content compiled for the entrepreneurial audience and emailed on a bi-weekly basis. The information is divided into a mix of Upcoming Events, Featured Startups & Shout-outs and other FYIs & Resources.

Why Curate Startup Digest Fargo?

Our region is rich in entrepreneurial events and webinars developed to support our ecosystem, and due to increase of virtual events, there are increased opportunities to participate in sessions across the country and world.  The Digest serves as a great way to aggregate all of these into one place for entrepreneurs.

We also have many great startups and organizations doing cool things, and this provides an avenue to highlight them.  This not only heightens awareness of those individual companies, but also helps showcase the density of innovation coming out of our region, which can inspire others to create here.

“With the Other FYIs & Resources section, this is often filled with things like pitch opportunities, grants, podcasts, informative articles and more. These are resources I often share daily with particular entrepreneurs who come to mind, so it only makes sense to amplify the knowledge of these resources to many others,” said John Machacek, Chief Innovation Officer, GFMEDC.

How Can You Receive Startup Digest Fargo?

You may register for, as well as see some past issues, at the main Techstars Startup Digest Fargo landing page. Currently, there are 429 subscribers to the Digest, which is an increase of 99% since switching from the calendar to mixed content format in 2020! Sharing, liking, and commenting about the digests are also a great way to help others find this information. It also helps others learn about all the awesome activity coming out of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

GFMEDC’s Chief Innovation Officer, John Machacek, has been curating the Fargo Moorhead area’s Techstars Startup Digest for the past six years.

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