GFMEDC Releases Latest SmartBook

GFMEDC Releases Latest Smartbook

The GFMEDC has recently released an updated version of our SmartBook, sponsored by Bremer Bank, which highlights local, regional and state programs that support business success.

The recently released SmartBook incorporates the newest legislative and program changes in both North Dakota and Minnesota.

There are a number of new programs in ND and MN including:

  • Biologic Inputs Sales Tax Exemption in ND
  • Angel Match Program in ND
  • Automation Loan Participation Program (ALPP) in MN
  • Growth Loan Fund in MN

“Our local and state leaders are constantly thinking about ways to elevate our business climate and offer programs and incentives that support growing primary-sector businesses. Our job at the GFMEDC is to understand all of these programs and incentives and connect eligible companies to these resources and guide them through the process.  The Smartbook is a valuable tool for any service provider in the Greater Fargo Moorhead region who interfaces with primary-sector businesses on a regular basis,” said Ryan Aasheim, Chief Business Development Officer, GFMEDC.

Every other year, after state legislative sessions adjourn, new business incentives and programs come online, and in response, our organization updates our SmartBook to highlight new and existing programs businesses should have on their radar.

The GFMEDC encourages engagement with our staff early and often, especially when considering major expansion or capital investments.

The GFMEDC has many examples of companies that were unable to leverage available programs because of inadequate timing or other process missteps or qualification issues.

A previous blog provides additional information on a number of new programs in ND and MN. Check it out:  https://gfmedc.com/minnesota-and-north-dakota-offer-new-incentives-to-support-business-growth/  

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