Live in Fargo Moorhead Tours drive better results for recruiting

A candidate’s perceptions of our region can make recruiting a challenge. The EDC partners with companies to provide community tours. We drive prospective employees around town and talk about what our community truly offers, dispelling myths and assuring candidates that we have all the expected amenities. 

The program supports upper-level candidate recruitment (mid to senior level or a difficult to fill position). We provide our tours to primary-sector companies* and investor companies that invest at a minimum investment level.

“Recruiting is a community effort, and we value our partnership with the Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation (EDC)! We turn to the EDC to give our candidates a community tour when they may not be familiar with the area. This tour adds to their overall candidate experience and gives them an opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice,” said Samantha Mohr, Talent Partner, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Dakota.

The tours are part of a larger toolkit of resources to help companies recruit, retain and develop their workforce. We provide relevant data, our Live in Fargo site, Live In Fargo Moorhead Tours and FM Welcome Parties.

*Primary-sector companies export a majority of their goods and services outside the trade area, bringing new wealth into the community.

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