New Jobs in Fargo, AKA one of the hottest job markets

You may have seen that ZipRecruiter listed Fargo as the Hottest Job Market In 2020. I am blessed with a fulfilling job that I love, at an organization with a great work environment. However, with my economic development role (and someone who loves living & working here), I help spread the word about local opportunities. So, if a new job is on the horizon for you and/or you want to pass on job info to others, here are SOME highlighted positions from a HANDFUL of primary sector companies in our region.

3D-Fuel is looking for a Plastics Extrusion Plant Manager.

Aldevron has been experiencing tremendous growth and have the jobs that come with the growth (36 open roles currently listed on their careers page).

Appareo boasts a “Perfect Mix of Engaging Work and Collaborative Culture” and have openings in various areas like engineering, sales, admin, and solutions.

Bobcat Doosan has many job and co-op opportunities.

Bushel recently announced their $19.5 million investment raise and this growing company has openings in integrations coordinator, software & web engineering, and project management.

Newly-relocating-to-Fargo LulzBot has many new jobs to fill in areas like customer service, shipping and receiving, sales support, production assembly, technical assistance, and office staff.

With Microsoft’s large and amazing campus in Fargo, there are always good opportunities to check out.

Office Sign Company is advertising for a Sales & Marketing Manager, an Account Manager and a Vinyl & Print Specialist. My son works in the marketing dept. at OSC and loves the fun & creative environment.

Tech startup OmniByte Technology continues to grow and they are looking to hireexperienced innovators with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for a fun place to create, contribute, work with great clients and be challenged in a fast paced environment.”

Check out Wex’s careers page for their various FM area positions.

I could go on and on with all the great opportunities at fascinating primary sector companies. If you are reading this and not from the Fargo Moorhead region, I invite you to go to to learn about our area and maybe ask a question about living & working here. As someone who has lived here my entire adult life, I can say that it’s been fun to witness the economic and cultural growth in our community the last five plus years, and I look forward to what lies ahead.

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