Ranked “Great Place to Live”, “Raise a Family” with a Hot Job Market, Yep, it’s Fargo Moorhead

If your new year’s resolution is to find a job or to move to the Fargo Moorhead region (feeling pretty confident it’s the second one if you’re not living here already!), then you’re in luck. The job market is heating back up in the FM region. And we’re continuing to get high marks on our quality of life.

First, if you’re asking why you should live in Fargo Moorhead? Because we’re consistently included in “best of” lists and for good reason. It’s a really nice place to live.  Check out a couple of our latest rankings:

We’re #3 for Best Place to Raise a Family by WalletHub.

And FM ranked #8 on Livability’s list of Top 100 Places to Live

The region consistently boasts some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and plenty of stable career openings in growing industries.   

If a new job is on the horizon for you and/or you want to pass on job info to others, here are some of the many highlighted positions from regional primary-sector companies. 

3D-Fuel and sister company Fargo 3D Printing have several positions 

Aldevron continues their incredible expansion in the region, bringing many new jobs with it 

Bushel is often looking for web engineering talent 

ByteSpeed is looking for a Sales Administrator and Marketing & Sales Development Interns 

Doosan Bobcat has more than 40 listings from this recent search of their Careers page! 

Marvin has many great jobs in their regional facilities including manufacturing, R&D, Operations, HR & more. 

Microsoft always has interesting opportunities in this global company 

Office Sign Company is hiring for a Director of Customer Success, Internal Accountant and Sign Production Specialist 

PushSave is growing and is adding  a Fundraising Advisor and a Marketing Communications Coordinator 

RDO Equipment lists numerous corporate and branch positions in the region 

SpaceAge Synthetics is filling manufacturing roles, especially on night shift 

Trail King Industries is advertising positions from both 1st & 2nd shifts 

TrueNorth Steel is looking for a Plant Manager as well as several other positions 

Wanzek has a wide variety of jobs, including several HR roles 

 Again, this is only a sampling of the opportunities here in Fargo Moorhead. Not only are there other jobs out there with our primary-sector companies but you will find even more and more as you look further out into the other industries of our diverse economy (education, healthcare, financial services, non-profit & more). 

And if you’d like to know a little more about what it’s like to live and work here, check out www.LiveInFargo.com.


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